Travel Insurance

We cannot stress enough how important Travel Insurance is!

Although we do not sell insurance, we want you to have it.  We strongly encourage you get coverage for cancellations and medical emergencies when you travel with us.  We do not offer insurance and, once deposit and payment deadlines have passed, it may not be possible to get a refund of your payments to us. So, it is very important that you consider this as you plan your trip. See our cancellation and refund policies here.

There are several types of insurance policies available to you.  There are many resources for insurance.  In fact, you may already have coverage under an existing insurance policy.  Or, you may have some type of travel benefit through one of your credit cards.  We suggest that you call your insurance agents and credit card companies to find out whether or not you have coverage before you buy a travel policy.

Again, we do not sell insurance but we can provide you with links to companies that do:

Allianz Travel Insurance

CSA Travel Protection

MH Ross Travel Insurance Services

Travel Guard

Travel Insured International

Travelex Insurance Services

When you do pick a policy, be sure that it meets your particular needs.  It should cover your trip from the moment that you start your trip to the time you land back at home. And, it should include all facets of your trip including flights, rooms, meals and tours that were paid for as part of your trip.  You can choose a policy that covers emergencies only or one that allows you to cancel for any reason.

Update 1/9/2021

As we we look back at 2020, it is safe to say that the travel industry has faced one obstacle after another trying to support our wanderlust spirit in this COVID-19 positive world.  With this in mind, people are giving more attention to the benefits of having a good travel insurance policy to guard against unforeseen cancellations, delays, and bumps in the road after they reach their destinations. If you choose a travel policy, you should understand the benefits and coverage that you are getting.  If you would like a better understanding of what providers offer, be sure to check out this helpful guide from Consumers Advocate and be safe on your trip.